Consumer resources on older peoples oral health care in the home


Good oral health begins at home 

This booklet promotes the message that good oral health begins at home. It provides self–care information on:

  • care of natural teeth
  • care of dentures
  • relief of dry mouth
  • tooth friendly eating
  • seeing a dental professional
  • quitting smoking

This information comes in two versions:

Note: The preference for these resources is to be professionally printed. If you are printing downloadable booklet, the printer must be set to 'booklet' setting.

Audio visual resource

This is a motivational audio visual resource designed to appeal to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander consumers. It uses humour and song through a comical character called Auntie Elsie to convey key oral health messages.

This video was produced by an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander production team.

Bathroom prompts

A4 sized posters that can be used as a visual reminder to assist older people to maintain oral care.

Note: The preference for these resources is to be professionally printed using a synthetic micro-suction paper which is waterproof and adheres to mirrors and/or tiles.

Non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders posters

Click on the image to download the A3 poster

brush your dentures twice a day poster brush your teeth, gums and tongue poster enjoy tooth friendly food poster good oral health begins at home poster keep your mouth moist poster see a dental professional poster think about quitting if you smoke poster

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders A3 posters

come on! drinking plain water is good for you  don't forget to clean your falsies and your gums see the dental mob and get a healthy mouth smokes are no good for you. There's help to give up This is top tucker - it makes your teeth strong Your breath smells good when you brush twice a day It's easy to eat, talk and smile when you look after your mouth Our mob need healthy mouths as we get older