Restraint and seclusion in mental health

Restraint and seclusion are interventions of last resort used when other options have failed to maintain safety for the person experiencing distress, staff or others. Restraint and seclusion are not therapeutic interventions.

Policy Guideline

The Restraint and Seclusion in Mental Health Services Policy Guideline (PDF 331KB) is based on the current best available evidence on the prevention and elimination of restraint and seclusion and the management of restraint and seclusion where it is used as a last resort. They are set in the context of early intervention measures to prevent restraint and seclusion occurring and promote the principle of least restrictive practice.

The Policy Guideline has an associated Toolkit which is comprised of eight fact sheets to assist with implementation. These are:


Chief Psychiatrist Standards

The Office of the Chief Psychiatrist has developed the following standards in accordance with Section 90(2) and (3) of the Mental Health Act 2009.