Problem gambling training course

This workshop is suitable for anyone working with clients who present with mental health problems.  

3 ½  hour Zoom or face to face course.

Workshop presenters 

This session is facilitated by clinicians from the Statewide Gambling Therapy Services, who all have postgraduate qualifications in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and clinical experience of delivering Cue Exposure Therapy (CET) for gambling problems.

Workshop aims

Gambling addiction is often missed in mental health clients. Gambling problems are mental health problems and people with gambling problems are likely to have other common mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety and substance use problems. This workshop is designed to provide anyone working with people with mental health problems with an understanding of gambling disorder and how it is treated.

Workshop outcomes

  • To be aware of gambling harm in Australia.
  • To be aware of those at increased risk for problem gambling.
  • To be aware of early warning signs that may indicate problem gambling behaviour.
  • To be aware of how best to approach a conversation about problem gambling.
  • To understand Gambling Disorder as a behavioural addiction.
  • To be aware of CET and other interventions for problem gambling.
  • To be aware of referral pathways for problem gambling.