Engaging Clients who display challenging behaviours training course

Suitable for all mental health clinicians

3 ½  hour Zoom or face to face course

Facilitated by SA Mental Health Training Centre. See Mental health training calendar page for workshop dates.

Workshop aims

This workshop is designed for mental health practitioners working within government and non government settings. Working with our clients who have difficult and challenging behaviours can even test the most resilient health practitioner and in some cases lead to burn out. Finding new ways in which to reduce such behaviours can at times be problematic and challenging in itself. The workshop will explore the different types and forms of challenging behaviours that we experience as well as identifying assessment and management approaches including boosting collaborative ways of working with those who we care for.

Workshop outcomes

Participants will learn about:

  • how challenging behaviours can become risk factors that impact on our health and wellbeing
  • how to develop protective factors that immunise against challenging behaviours
  • how to promote and integrate collaborative practices using strength based psychological approaches
  • how to develop a responsive and mindful coping style.

What other participants have said

  • “It was great to have extra tools now to work with clients and reference points in doing so”
  • “Very good presenter”
  • “Focusing on our behaviours as clinicians and how this can improve the way we engage”
  • “Looking forward to incorporate the knowledge and skills in the near future”