Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) - an introduction training course

Get your ACT together! Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in your work and life.

For mental health clinicians

1 day workshop

Facilitated by SA Mental Health Training Centre. See Mental health training calendar page for workshop dates.

Workshop aim

This introductory workshop aims to provide participants with a working overview of the key features and themes of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) as well as its practical applications to our clinical work.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the workshop participants will have an increased understanding of the:

  • history of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and the origins of ACT
  • key principles of ACT.
  • key features and approaches in ACT
  • evidence of effectiveness
  • examples of techniques (use of in session practical activities and video material)
  • available resources ( copies provided for participants).

What other participants have said

  • “How the elements of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy come together. A well-presented and enjoyable learning experience”.
  • “Able to get a better understanding of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and apply it to my own life and practice”.
  • “Understanding of concepts of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. How it can be used in a variety of settings / situations”.