Infection control and personal protective equipment (PPE) advice

Hospital based care

This matrix provides a consistent assessment protocol to determine whether testing for COVID-19 is required, what PPE is required and what type of room is appropriate for the patient.

This matrix and summary advice have been developed by SA Health Infectious Disease Physicians for use in the care of hospital patients with suspected and confirmed COVID-19 and is mandatory for all SA Health hospital-based staff.

The Matrix is a comprehensive guide and the summary provides quick-look guidance for health professionals who are already familiar with the Matrix.

For appropriate infection control precautions when taking diagnostic specimens including the wearing of appropriate PPE during clinical care of people with suspected or confirmed novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infection refer to the Australian Government Department of Health fact sheet.

Non-hospital based care

The following PPE guides provide advice for those who work in industries who may have close contact with community members as part of their role. It provides a process for assessing risk and provides appropriate PPE usage and infection control guidelines.

Procurement and supply strategies

This strategy and checklist provides healthcare workers and other facility administrators advice on how to conserve and optimise the use of PPE as contingency when there is a shortage or interruption to supply.

COVID-19 Recommendations for Healthcare Facilities - Optimisation of PPE Supplies (PDF 121KB)

This chart is used as a tool to assist the rationalisation and distribution of PPE throughout South Australia. Conservation of PPE is critical to ensure that the current stock is available in sufficient supply to meet the requirements of all industries. All enquiries please email SA Health Procurement customer service for further advice and assistance.

PPE and infection control education resources