Snakebite and spiderbite management

For advice on the management of snakebite and spiderbite patients call the Toxinology Service, Women's & Children's Hospital on (08) 8161 7000 and ask for the duty toxinologist. If unavailable call the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26

Seek early consultation with your critical care referral network.

Royal Adelaide Hospital ICU Retrieval: (08) 8222 4000

Women's & Children's Hospital: (08) 8161 7000

Snakebite and spiderbite information resources

Snakebite & Spiderbite Management Guidelines South Australia (PDF 2.2MB) – Information on the management of snakebite, spiderbite and marine envenoming and poisoning. The document includes details on identifying various snakes, spiders and other arthropods and recommended antivenom stocks for South Australian public hospitals.

Snakebite Management Chart (PDF 685KB) – Flowchart outlining the treatment of suspected snakebite.

Snakebite Diagnostic Algorithms (PDF 1.7MB) – Flowchart for determining the most likely snake based on clinical findings.

Snakebite and spiderbite information for hospital laboratory staff (PDF 167KB) – Information on the major laboratory tests required.

Red Back Spiderbite Management Flowchart (PDF 622KB) – Flowchart outlining the diagnosis and treatment of suspected Red Back spiderbite.

Clinical Toxinology Resources website – A premier site for information on venomous animals and poisonous animals, plants and mushrooms. The site is maintained by the Toxinology Department, Women’s & Children’s Hospital (WCH), Adelaide, Australia, a foremost centre for clinical toxinology globally, together with the Discipline of Paediatrics, University of Adelaide, and support from experts around the world.