Can you see the changes in mental health?

At the cutting edge of mental health, we're making a lot of advances at SA Health. Our focus on mental health patient recovery also means exciting opportunities for Mental Health Nurses in the Central Adelaide Local Health Network.

By redefining the services we offer, we're delivering better outcomes for you and your patients.

This includes investing in state-of-the-art acute inpatient and community facilities, including:

  • Intermediate Care Centres - Glenside and Port Adelaide
  • Integrated teams have moved into newly built sites at Tranmere and Woodville
  • Rehabilitation Services have moved into the newly built Glenside Health Service Stage 1
  • Acute Services will move into the newly built Glenside Health Service Stage 2 at the end of 2013

Stepped model of care

At the heart of our recovery reform is a stepped model of care, allowing people to 'step-up' to more intense health care if they are becoming unwell and 'step-down' to other support services as they get better.

The reform will ensure that you can use all your therapeutic experience to deliver the appropriate level of support when it's needed and closer to home.

What does this mean for your career?

Join us and you'll get to be part of our ongoing approach to transforming mental health care. Applying your unique skills, you can offer holistic, balanced care that focuses on patient recovery.

Developing long-term relationships you'll be able to use your therapeutic skills across a range of challenging and rewarding areas:

  • adult acute services
  • adult rehabilitation services
  • emergency departments
  • intermediate care services
  • integrated community services

You'll also enjoy access to further professional development, career diversity and progression.


"I work with SA Health because of the holistic patient care approach. I get to be an expert on the whole person and their wellbeing - establishing close therapeutic relationships with patients throughout their recovery journey. There's also a large degree of autonomy, especially in the community setting, where my skills and experience are a valuable resource to multi-disciplinary teams and workers from non-government organisations."


"I chose SA Health as there is more time to really make an impact on my clients' health and wellbeing. I'm motivated to help step people through their recovery and manage and control their mental health."

Shift to better shifts

By being part of Central Adelaide Local Health Network mental health teams, you'll be well looked after. With the first choice of rosters, you can access the shifts that suit you and can look forward to more stability and flexibility.

Find out more about the jobs available by clicking on the links below:

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Registration of interest for Casual Roles

Register your interest to be first in line for our Priority Casual Resource Bank and to hear about casual shifts.

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