The Women’s, Child and Youth Health Plan 2020-2030

The South Australian Women’s Child and Youth Health Plan 2020-2030 will identify the key health service directions and strategies needed to efficiently and effectively align SA Health and Wellbeing services across the state with the needs of the community over the next 10 years.

The Plan will

  • be a high-level document to guide the further development of future Women’s Children and Youth Health services but will not prescribe specific models of care at this stage
  • inform the development of integrated, contemporary, culturally safe and age appropriate clinical services available and accessible across the state
  • provide strategic direction and structured approach to the clinical planning and commissioning of services for women’s, child and youth services across the system 
  • align with The South Australian Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2020 - 2025, which identifies the development of a women’s, child and youth health plan to meet the future needs of the population as a priority in the Deliverable Action Framework
  • inform the development of the clinical service plans for Local Health Networks (LHNs) to address Women’s Child and Youth Health priorities
  • inform the planning and progress of the new Women’s and Children’s hospital and other health infrastructure processes.

Stakeholder consultation

As part of the ongoing co-design of the Plan, a series of workshops commenced in September 2020. Invitation to participate in the workshops has been extended to clinicians, consumers and community stakeholders. Summaries of these workshops will be shared on this web page which will be updated regularly.

The first workshop, ‘Take Every Opportunity’, was held on 24 September 2020 at the Adelaide Convention Centre, with nearly 200 participants in attendance in person and virtually.

The workshop incorporated a panel of consumers, and several keynote speakers and participants engaged in small group activities aimed at supporting the development of key messages/principles for services in the next decade. The resulting key themes from the Take Every Opportunity workshop are:

  • Connected Systems
  • Workforce culture and confidence
  • Outcomes focussed

Consultation feedback

Consultation feedback from the workshop was captured from targeted topics of discussion:

View video recordings from the SA Health WCYHP Workshop below:

 A visualisation of the Factors impacting health and wellbeing of women, children and young people (PDF 65KB) has been created.

The next phase of the consultation process will involve a series of smaller workshops with consumers and clinicians in Adelaide, Port Augusta and Mount Gambier that will be held between November 2020 and February 2021.

Expression of interest to participate in this next phase of workshops held in Adelaide has now closed.

A final wrap up workshop will be held in March 2021, with the draft plan circulated for broader consultation and feedback through YourSAy.

Public consultation

Interested members of the community will be invited to share their thoughts on an initial draft plan, through the State Government YourSAy online consultation hub. The feedback from this consultation will be analysed and incorporated into further development of the WCYHP. A summary of the feedback from YourSAy will also be shared on this web page.

Further information

For more information about the Women’s, Child and Youth Health Plan 2020 - 2030 email