Consultation on Review of Private Ambulance Service Regulations

SA Health is undertaking review of the principal legislation for regulating private ambulance services in South Australia within the Health Care Act 2008 to ensure effective regulatory oversight of private ambulance services.

As part of the review, we are undertaking a two-part consultation with relevant stakeholders.

The first round of consultation is open to organisations and groups directly affected by the legislation including ambulance service operators. A discussion paper and survey have been developed to assist stakeholders with providing feedback on three main issues:

  • Licensing of private ambulance operators to perform non-emergency ambulance services;
  • Approval of emergency ambulance services by persons other than SAAS; and
  • Expanding licensing of private ambulance services to event first aid operators.

The feedback received will be analysed and the results used to draft amendments to the legislation.

If you have any questions or you are a stakeholder directly affected by the legislation and have not received a link to the consultation survey and the discussion paper, please email

The consultation will be open until COB on 16 November 2021.