Focus Week

In May 2023, SA Health undertook a Focus Week, to provide an opportunity to learn and identify areas for improvement across the health system.

Focus Week provided a shared sense of purpose, highlighting the importance of patient movement through hospital, and providing clinicians with a forum to collaborate and conceptualise.

All staff across the system were committed to coming together to focus on patient care, identifying bottlenecks, reducing duplication, observing flow processes and identifying common issues.

During Focus Week there was an overall increase in demand on ambulance and hospital services, with above average activity.

Despite this, there were some improvements across the system, including more patients being linked with alternative care pathways, and patients who did not require admission spending less time in an emergency department.

While Focus Week provided many learnings, it also highlighted continuing barriers and challenges for the system that need further work, such as inter-facility transfers and timely discharges.

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