Operational guidelines and structure for community clinical rehabilitation services - MHS

Operational guidelines and structure for community clinical rehabilitation services in the CALHN Mental Health Clinical Program

The Community Clinical Rehabilitation Services Operational Guidelines and Structure v2.0 (PDF 728KB) provides detail on how the Mental Health Clinical Program plans to achieve the aspirations set out in the Clinical Community Clinical Rehabilitation Services Model of Care (MoC) specifically in the community. The guidelines:

  • describe in more detail the services provided and how these are prioritised
  • identify the frameworks and approaches, that guide the implementation of the MoC
  • describe how it will be organised and how it will demonstrate its outcomes and be accountable to the Mental Health Clinical Program as a whole
  • outline the processes involved including access, entry and referral; assessment; planning; delivery; review and transfer of care
  • acknowledge the current development work of the Community Mental Health Redesign process across CALHN.

The operational guidelines and structure have been refined after consultation with staff, consumers and carers. Frequently asked questions (PDF 334KB) have been developed based on feedback provided throughout the consultation process.

As outlined in the operational guidelines and Consultation Paper (PDF 291KB) three new positions have been created. The role descriptions for these positions have been drafted and are yet to be classified. The draft role descriptions below are now available for feedback. Feedback must be received to alison.pickering@sa.gov.au by 5.00 pm, 5 June 2020.