Consultation on draft model of care for clinical rehabilitation services mental health services

Working draft model of care for clinical rehabilitation services mental health services

The Clinical Rehabilitation Services Working Draft Model of Care incorporates changes as a result of a full consultation process with staff, consumers and union representative, including workshops, reviews of evidence and existing documents, and very recently, work undertaken in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Services where the rehabilitation element of the Integrated Model of Care for Glenside 2011-2014 was updated. The work undertaken by the Safe Work Group from Inpatient Rehabilitation Services including the admission criteria has been incorporated into the working draft Clinical Rehabilitation Services Model of Care. Additional work is being focused on this area.

The key principles of the model of care are it:

  • recognises and supports the whole person
  • demonstrates a biopsychosocial and recovery based approach
  • activity supports social inclusion
  • demonstrates a true partnership model with the consumer, their carers and the mental health team.

The framework outlines the nature of the service, how it’s delivered, who its users are and how the service is accessed.

Depending on consumer need, rehabilitation services may be delivered in community or home settings (clinical programs); the Community Rehabilitation Centre (residential), the Shared Activities Centre (physical education, music or art therapy), or Inpatient Rehabilitation Services (closed or open inpatient units). Each of these settings, whilst targeting different levels of need, is underpinned by the same principles of rehabilitation. Each of these is described within the working draft model of care.

The working draft model of care is now available (PDF 481KB).

For more information please view the Clinical Rehabilitation Services frequently asked questions (PDF 543KB).