Clinical Prioritisation Criteria consultation

SA Health’s initial focus is to invest in reducing wait list backlogs so accessing outpatient appointments is easier, more transparent, and more effective. Through collaboration with a number of key clinicians across SA, the Outpatient Redesign Project aspires to create sustainability in improved access to services, transparency, governance and accountability.

One of the initiatives is to develop consistent and publicly available Clinical Prioritisation Criteria or CPC.

The CPC are clinical decision-making support tools that assist in ensuring patients referred are clinically categorised and accepted based on standardised state-wide clinical referral criteria.


The CPC aims:

  • there is transparency of outpatient criteria between Local Health Networks (LHNs), primary care and the public
  • health professionals are enabled with accurate and consistent specialty referral criteria and diagnostics required to support patient focussed decision making
  • patients have accurate and consistent specialty referral criteria and categorisation to improve their health literacy and enable informed decision making
  • there is equitable assessment of patients regardless of where they live
  • specialist outpatient appointments are delivered in order of clinical urgency
  • patients are ready for care at their first specialist outpatient appointment
  • referral and communication processes improve between referrers (e.g. primary care) and specialist outpatient services
  • increased referral quality by LHNs being transparent in the information and diagnostics required to support timely access to the most appropriate care

Consultation on CPC clinical specialities

DHW OP Redesign Team has been engaged with CPC Clinical Pathway Groups, with membership across medicine and surgery, nursing and allied health developing the proposed CPC. The CPC consultation process has now closed for the following five clinical specialities:

How to provide feedback?

Please email feedback to The final CPC’s are expected to be released and implemented in March 2022.