CARE Service at SALHN

08 June 2023

'Making care better together for older people'

The Complex and RestorativE (CARE) service is delivered in partnership with SA Ambulance Service (SAAS).

The CARE service, staffed by specialist geriatric, nursing and allied health staff, has been specifically designed to improve care for older patients by providing alternative treatment pathways to Emergency Departments (ED) where emergency care is not required.

Research shows that Hospital ED’s are not always the best place for older or frail people to receive non-emergency care. If it’s not an Emergency, it can often be better for people to receive care at home or close to home.

The CARE team can deliver same day hospital level care to appropriate non-emergency older people, either in their homes or at the CARE centre based at the Repat Health Precinct.

The CARE centre, currently located within the Bangka Strait Ward, has six treatment spaces and provides an alternative to ED.

The service will take advantage of the latest digital enhancements in health care, providing greater connectivity and engagement with health service providers and greater access to ongoing care for patients.

Appropriate non-emergency older patients who have called SAAS for help will be offered the services of the CARE team.

CARE service opening hours are as follows:

  • CARE Centre - 8.00am to 10.00pm, 7 days a week. Note: triage closes at 7.00pm with last patient arrival 7.30pm.
  • Home visits (Eyes on Scene team) – 8.30am to 8.00pm, 7 days a week.

More information

Contact us

Phone:    (08) 7425 0330
Location: Gate 6, Repatriation Health Precinct,
                 Daws Road, Daw Park - see CARE Service Location Map (PDF 670KB)