Referrals and Referral Management at NALHN

Specialist and Outpatient Services

NALHN provide a range of Specialist and Outpatient Services across Lyell McEwin Hospital, Modbury Hospital and GP Plus for patients within the Northern Adelaide and greater Adelaide regions as well as country and interstate patients.

See the NALHN outpatient GP referral guidelines and Quick reference guides for more information on services available, referral criteria and contact information.

Further information on wait times can be found on the Specialist Outpatient Waiting Time Report.

Allied Health Services

Allied Health Services at NALHN consist of a diverse range of occupations providing diagnostic, therapeutic, restorative and preventative services to patients living in the north and north-east of Adelaide.  See our full list of Allied Health Services.

Mental Health GP Shared Care

A directory of mental health service details, information and resources to better support GPs in the shared care of mental health patients.

Visit the Mental Health GP Shared Care page.

HealthPathways South Australia

HealthPathways South Australia (HPSA) is a partnership between SA Health, Adelaide Primary Health Network and Country SA Primary Health Network.

HPSA provides information and guidelines for General Practitioners (GPs) and health professionals to support the consistent management of patients in the community.  The pathways provide information for GPs and health professionals about available community services and, when required, details on referring patients to SA Health for care.

For more information about HPSA visit the HealthPathways SA Project website or HealthPathways South Australia Portal.


Health Provider Registry (HPRy)

The HPRy's primary purpose is to facilitate the transfer of clinical patient information i.e. discharge summaries and referrals to specialists and allied health. The HPRy is also used to communicate public health alerts and important medical information to doctors. The HPRy is vital for the communication between metropolitan public hospitals and doctors. The HPRy is also used by private and rural hospitals, health units and clinical services.

The HPRy is not a public site but is accessible to any health-related organisation or private practitioner that has a clinical need to communicate with health practitioners about their patients.

For further information contact the HPRy team.