General Practice Liaison Unit

The General Practice Liaison Unit (GPLU) is a dual initiative between SA Health and Adelaide Primary Health Networks (APHN). It has been put together to provide a link between the NALHN and local GPs in the northern area.

The aim of the unit is to encourage and improve the exchange of information, co-operation, efficiency, and quality of communication between hospitals and general practice - in relation to patients and services provided by the hospital.

The GPLU will be introducing the following initiatives to develop the links with local GPs:


Visit GP Practices in the North for face-face discussion, education on services and discuss more NALHN community engagement.

Health Pathways

Prioritise localisation of NALHN specific pathways, based on GP feedback and regular auditing of Outpatients and Emergency Department referrals.

This will be a collaborative initiative between SA Health and Adelaide Primary Health Network (APHN).

Inca Implementation project (formally CDMnet)

GPLU with Chronic Disease Management Unit (CDMU) - Shared Care Model with Health Care Homes Trial

  • Electronic online platform
  • GPLU specific access to patient GP medical files through CDMU to aid shared care of identified patients.

GP referral guidelines

Assist GPs in identifying and providing key minimal required history and investigations to aid appropriate triage and service access.

NALHN Referral Criteria Guideline – Feedback Survey Now Open

NALHN is working on reducing wait times and improving access to its specialist outpatient services. One of the strategies is to improve the referral template and the submission process for GPs and hospital clinicians.

A draft referral guideline (PDF 119KB) has been created and we are seeking your advice through a Feedback Survey. The survey takes less than 10 minutes and is open until 19 February 2021.

Hospital avoidance pathways promotion

  • Quick Access Clinics
  • Hospital in the Home
  • Nurse led clinics
  • Clinical pathways – i.e. cellulitis
  • Chronic Disease Management Unit
  • Health Pathways

Further information

For further information on the General Practice Liaison Unit and their programs contact the team on 0466 511 534 or

Please include your name, general practice and contact details, including email for follow-up. The GPLU will endeavour to respond to requests in a timely manner, but a response may take up to 2 business days.  If urgent patient information is required, requests should be placed to the treating team, medical records or outpatients department via the Lyell McEwin (08) 8182-9000 or the Modbury Hospitals (08) 8161 2000.