Eyre and Far North Local Health Network Strategic Plan 2020 to 2025

Welcome to the EFNLHN Strategic Plan 2020 – 2025

Message from the EFNLHN Governing Board Chairperson, Michele Smith

I have the greatest pleasure to present our inaugural EFNLHN Strategic Plan (PDF 14.7MB).

This is your Plan, it is you, the communities, clinicians, employees, and our partners, who care about the future of these services and who informed this Plan.

It is you who have told us what you value from your local health services. This Plan is our shared purpose.

You can download a  copy of the EFLHN Strategic Plan (PDF 14.7MB) or a one-page summary (PDF 780KB).

Our Purpose

To drive exceptional health and aged care services across the Eyre and Far North

Our Vision

A trusted provider of accessible, responsive, and innovative health, disability, and aged care services to support the wellbeing of our diverse communities.

Our Values


  • We value taking responsibility for all that we do
  • We value acting with integrity when striving to achieve our goals
  • We value following through on what we say we will do


  • We value being part of our local community and our LHN community
  • We value listening and collaborating with others
  • We value two-way communication


  • We value every individual and their uniqueness
  • We value being considerate and kind to ourselves and others
  • We value the diversity of our communities and the people in them


  • We value providing compassionate care to those who need it
  • We value putting our consumers at the centre of everything we do
  • We value taking the time to understand our consumers and their needs

Our Strategic Priorities

We will deliver safe, innovative and consumer focussed services and care by:

  • Continuously improving the quality and safety of our care and services.
  • Developing initiatives that improve health and wellbeing whilst reducing the need for hospital and residential-based care.
  • Increasing the scope of safe and sustainable services that are responsive to the current and emerging needs of our communities and environment.
  • Seeking new opportunities to deliver more services closer to home using innovative models of care and technology to better meet consumer needs and expectations.
  • Leading collaboration and reform to support access to medical services for our communities.

We will develop a positive, inclusive, respectful, and caring culture that supports our workforce to deliver responsive services and care by:

  • Investing in ongoing development for all staff to nurture their capability and professional growth to fulfill their potential.
  • Having a workforce of trained and well-supported Aboriginal employees with ongoing provisions to provide permanency, opportunities to learn and pathways to progress.
  • Evolving and implementing a workforce plan that focuses on recruitment and retention, sustainable staffing models and championing increase opportunities for Aboriginal employment.
  • Investing in leadership development at all levels of the organisation that focuses on supporting the workforce to achieve strategic priorities and embody organizational values.
  • Identifying and implementing targeted initiatives to measure, monitor and actively pursue improvements in workforce wellbeing.
  • Playing a key role in ensuring access to health services, including General Practitioners (GPs), by actively partnering with and supporting innovative ways to recruit and retain doctors.

We will better meet the needs of Aboriginal people and prioritise partnerships to progress the health and wellbeing outcomes for Aboriginal communities by:

  • Providing culturally safe, respectful, and responsive services and care for every Aboriginal consumer across our range of services.
  • Being an organisation that is culturally respectful and equipped to challenge the barriers that perpetuate institutional and societal racism and privilege.
  • Strengthening partnerships with ACCHOs (Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations), Aboriginal communities and consumers to develop and implement mutually beneficial joint initiatives.
  • Promoting and encouraging Aboriginal participation in the planning and delivery of health services, programs, and policies.

We will be responsive in meeting the need for mental health services and care in our communities by:

  • Leading collaboration between service providers.
  • Using a whole of community approach to identify and address any service gaps for consumers.
  • Improving consumer and community understanding about how to access services.
  • Supporting LHN staff to develop the skills and understanding to have a positive impact on mental health in every interaction.
  • Developing flexible and innovative approaches to the delivery of mental health services including the use of digital technology.

We will provide personalised, accessible, and adaptable aged and disability care by:

  • Partnering with our aged and disability consumers to underpin all service improvements- “nothing about me, without me”.
  • Planning to effectively meet the needs and expectations of our consumers and residents.
  • Increasing consumer choice by growing and innovating our in-home, community based, residential and dementia care services.
  • Supporting every resident to live their best life through tailoring services to meet their lifestyle and health needs.
  • Developing our workforce and facilities to meet the diverse needs of our current and future consumers.