South Australians urged to be mindful of sugar

03 August 2020

South Australians are being urged to be mindful of ‘how much sugar is hiding in your trolley?’ as part of Dental Health Week which kicks off today.

SA Dental Service Executive Director, Mark Chilvers, said SA Dental Service is helping to raise awareness of the impact sugar is having on our teeth as part of the Australian Dental Association campaign.

“The campaign is timely because the COVID-19 pandemic has meant many of us are spending more time at home and snacking more throughout the day, with the foods we consume more than likely to be high in sugar,” Mr Chilvers said.

“Sugar is everywhere in our supermarkets so knowing what sugar is hiding in the foods we buy at the supermarket can not only help us make healthier choices but also help us have healthy teeth and gums.

“Dental Health Week is a perfect time to take a close look at what we are putting into our trolleys and the hidden sugars in the food and drinks we buy.”

Throughout the week, dentists from SA Dental Service will talk to clients about the harm sugar can have on our teeth and what the daily recommendation is for sugar consumption in relation to certain foods.

Australian Dental Association SA President, Dr Angelo Papageorgiou, said the aim of the campaign is to help Australians to get ‘sugar savvy’.

“Australians are consuming on average 14 teaspoons of sugar a day which is a significant amount more than the recommended maximum of six teaspoons a day,” Dr Papageorgiou said.

“We also know that one in four children in Australia aged five to 10 years have untreated tooth decay while one in five children consume four or more glasses of sugar sweetened beverages daily.”

South Australians are also being reminded to maintain good oral hygiene practices at home to protect teeth and gums. Brush your teeth and gums morning and night with fluoride toothpaste, spit out the toothpaste, but don’t rinse. Drinking plain tap water is also best.

SA Dental Service offers COVID-safe dental practises at over 40 clinics across the state for children and adults.

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