Research GEMS

The new SA Health research governance and ethics management system, Research GEMS is now live following the launch in December 2020.  It has replaced Online Forms and some paper application forms that were used across SA Health. The transition to Research GEMS will enable a more consistent and streamlined process for research applicants who wish to conduct research within SA Health.

Research GEMS allows researchers to:

  • complete their Human Research Ethics Application and Site Specific Assessment forms
  • monitor approval progress and
  • submit post approval monitoring to their local Research Office.

All SA Health sites are now accepting new applications for ethics and site assessments through Research GEMS. Current studies have been migrated into the system and can be accessed through the Research GEMS web based platform.

Researchers who are submitting or planning to submit a new application are encouraged to contact their relevant Local Health Network research office for guidance and support.

User Guides

Please review the user guides for step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the Research GEMS system. Instructions will be continually updated and added to over the coming months.

If you require further guidance or support, please contact your local research office.

Phase Two

Additional functionality will be delivered as part of Phase 2, anticipated to be released in early 2022.

We acknowledge The Hospital Research Foundation for their generous support with this project.

Pre-launch demonstration for researchers and HREC members

Further information

Please contact your local Research Office Human Research Ethics Committees (PDF 216KB) or the Research GEMS team on