Public involvement in research

SA Health is committed to supporting high quality health and medical research across the public health system, improving the expertise of researchers and connecting research to policy and practice.

How we support state-wide research

SA Health has various roles supporting state-wide research:

  • Provide resources to support research.
  • Set policy and strategic directions for research that is aligned with the South Australian Strategic Plan Health Targets and other health priorities.
  • Ensure public research is overseen and assessed by research ethics committees.
  • Collaboration with national and international universities, private institutes and other non government organisations.
  • Assist in the translation of research findings into policy and practice.
  • Support implementation of Research Centres of Excellence to build research capacity.
  • Ensure that research involving Aboriginal people is ethical and respectful to their culture.

Public participation

Public participation in research is multifaceted and can involve any of the following:

  • Community partners in research topics of relevance to communities.
  • Participant involvement in medical studies, medical research projects and clinical trials.
  • Contributing to the identification of research priorities, particularly in Aboriginal research.
  • Lay membership on human research ethics committees.
  • Educational programs in schools and other public settings.

Please refer to hospital websites for further information on research participation.