SA Health Governance reforms

The State Government has established 10 Local Health Networks (LHNs), each with its own Governing Board, which commenced operation on 1 July 2019.

From this date, six new regional LHNs have replaced Country Health SA LHN.

In addition, the Department for Health and Wellbeing is taking on a revised role, complementing and supporting the LHNs through high-level system direction and performance management, as well as its government departmental roles to support the Minister and Chief Executive in exercising their responsibilities. 

Two other key Government initiatives are also being progressed, to establish Wellbeing SA and a Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health.

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Regional LHN Chief Executive Officers

CEOs have been appointed for each of the six new regional Local Health Networks

Governing Boards

More information about membership of each of the Governing Boards can be found here.