Southern Health Expansion Plan

22 April 2020

The Southern Health Expansion Plan is a series of service moves that will boost health services in Southern Adelaide:

  • Increasing emergency treatment spaces at Flinders Medical Centre
  • Creating a new acute facility for people with dementia and complex care needs at the Repat
  • Enhancing acute capacity in Noarlunga Hospital and increasing medical cover in the Emergency Department.

See the Southern Health Expansion Plan (PDF 818KB) for more detailed information.

What are the service moves?

STEP 1: Patients with dementia and complex care needs currently treated at Noarlunga Hospital’s Myles Ward will be transferred to a new, state-of-the-art 12 bed acute specialist facility at the Repat.

STEP 2: An acute ward will move from Flinders Medical Centre into the empty Myles Ward space at Noarlunga Hospital, enhancing acute capacity in the new ward and increasing overnight medical cover in the Emergency Department.

More acute care at Noarlunga Hospital means more patients can receive end to end care, closer to home, rather than seeking treatment at Flinders Medical Centre. This move will also reduce ambulance transfers to Flinders Medical Centre.

STEP 3: The space created at Flinders Medical Centre will enable the expansion of the Emergency Department by 30 more emergency treatment spaces:

  • 12 more Emergency Extended Care Unit beds
  • 12 more treatment bays
  • 6 flexible beds

An expanded Emergency Department at Flinders Medical Centre will reduce ambulance ramping, ease pressure on our Emergency Departments and meet the needs of the growing southern population.