Regional Migrant Settlement, Health Lens Analysis Project

The Regional Migrant Settlement Health Lens Project was a collaborative initiative lead by the Department of Trade and Economic Development (DTED) in partnership with Multicultural SA (MSA), and SA Health.

Applying a health lens to settlement services, programs and processes showed the complex interplay between the social, economic and health factors that impact on migrant settlement and associated health and wellbeing outcomes.

A social researcher explored migrant settlement experiences from the perspectives of migrants, employers of migrants and community members to identify factors that influence settlement outcomes for migrants in rural and regional areas of South Australia.

A number of focus groups and interviews were conducted in Whyalla and the Limestone Coast.

The project resulted in the development of a series of recommendations which will be considered in developing future policy recommendations by the three partner agencies.

The Framework was developed as part of the Regional Migrant Settlement Health Lens Project and provides an overarching set of indicators and factors that can impact on settlement outcomes for migrants in South Australia.

The framework recognises the role of individual, community and economic wellbeing in shaping the settlement pathway for migrants.

Project evaluation

A project evaluation (PDF 1145KB) was undertaken following completion of the project. The aim of this evaluation is to examine the processes and methods used in the health lens analysis and explore the early impacts of the process in terms of policy development.

South Australia's Strategic Plan target

Target 1.24 Overseas migration: Increase net overseas migration gain to 8500 per annum by 2014.

Contributes to target 5.9 Regional population levels: Maintain regional South Australia’s share of the state’s population (18%).