Excellence in Non-Clinical Services - SA Health Awards 2019

Winner  Implementation of Pharmacy Automation at the Royal Adelaide Hospital

SA Pharmacy, Royal Adelaide Hospital, CALHN

The Royal Adelaide Hospital implementation of pharmacy automation is one of the largest scale implementations in Australia with two in-pharmacy robots and 119 ward or theatre based devices. The pharmacy automation implementation has demonstrated safety and efficiency benefits, shown a reduction in medication expenditure for inpatients, produced better data on medication usage, allowed greater traceability of medications and resulted in a reduction in the number of pharmacy dispensing selection errors.

Finalist — BreastScreen SA 90% of Clients Screened in 28 Days Initiative

BreastScreen SA, CALHN

BreastScreen SA was not meeting its National Accreditation Standard (NAS) 4.1.1: women screening within 28 days of booking an appointment for 2018/19. The program trialled using real-time data in assessing what motivates women to book sooner, and how to provide more accessible screening services. This experimental approach resulted in the NAS being met year-to-date and a greater understanding of what drives women to participate in breast cancer screening.

Finalist Quality, Information and Performance Hub

Provider Commissioning and Performance, DHW

The Quality, Information and Performance (QIP) Hub is the statewide single-entry portal providing easy access to trusted, transparent, consolidated clinical and operational performance data. The QIP Hub is an essential component enabling the system to identify areas for improvement in the safety and quality of clinical care and to support operational efficiencies. Over 3,000 staff have accessed the QIP Hub with an average of 38 daily interactions and the utilisation increasing.