Enhancing Hospital Care - SA Health Awards 2019

Winner — NALHN Integrated Multidisciplinary Approach to Hip Fracture Management

Northern Adelaide Geriatrics Service/Department of Orthopaedics, NALHN

NALHN is the first Local Health Network in South Australia to introduce a seven-day shared Orthogeriatric model providing care for more than 650 hip fracture patients since implementation in 2017. The multidisciplinary model has substantially improved patient outcomes, with 85% returning home at four months post discharge. It has reduced an average acute length of stay by 50% to five days, saving approximately 750 bed days per year.

Finalist — Discharge Harmonisation

Division of Medicine, NALHN

The Division of Medicine has developed a systematic approach to the discharge process that is replicated across all inpatient wards. Initiatives to enable safe discharge, readmission avoidance, patient communication and standardised sharing of information commence at admission. Criteria led and discharge summaries on leaving are integral to streamlined discharge. Clinical engagement is strengthened by gamification and reward, and consumer engagement is strengthened by structured communication and participation in goal setting.

Finalist — CALHN #endPJparalysis – Goals of Care Initiative

Surgical Directorate, Royal Adelaide Hospital/The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, CALHN

The aim of #endPJParalysis - Goals of Care is simply partnering with and enabling patients in hospital (if clinically able) to get up, get dressed and get moving in order to prevent deconditioning, to feel healthier, happier and recover more quickly. Through this program there has been a reduction in length of stay, hospital acquired complications and patient complaints, as well as increased patient satisfaction.