Chief Executive's Imitation Award - SA Health Awards 2019

Winner — SA Telestroke Service: bringing urgent treatment to all South Australians

Barossa Hills Fleurieu LHN and all regional LHNs

Until recently, only Victoria had a comprehensive whole-of-state Telestroke Service. Over the last 12 months we have established South Australia’s own Telestroke service, adapting Victoria’s model to SA’s population base and geography. We now provide urgent specialist teleneurology support 24/7 to every country hospital, and have increased administration of clot-dissolving medication from three to eight rural hospitals, ensuring equity of access for country patients to time-critical stroke assessment and treatment.

Finalist  Student-led Low-intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Chronic Pain Patients

Pain Management Unit, Flinders Medical Centre, SALHN

Student-led low-intensity cognitive-behavioural therapy (LICBT) represents a promising lower-dose treatment option for chronic pain patients within stepped-care models. The Pain Management Unit is the first tertiary pain unit to introduce this innovative approach, partnering with the Flinders University Masters of CBT program to train and supervise students. In its first year, LICBT has helped reduce waitlists and release psychologist appointments, with patients showing improved pain-management and psychological outcomes.

Finalist — Implementation of High Performance CPR/Pit Crew Model

SA Ambulance Service

SA Ambulance Service has made a paradigm shift in resuscitation management, adopting a “high performance pit-crew CPR” methodology, contributing to a 31.4% improvement in cardiac arrest survival rates using the Utstein universal comparator. High performance pit-crew CPR focuses on all of the elements of high quality compressions and minimising any interruption to compressions by assigning and coordinating defined team member roles, operating under the leadership of a senior clinician.