Out of Hospital Strategies and Care - SA Health Awards 2018

Winner  Viral Hepatitis Nurse-led Community-based Hepatitis C Treatment Service

Infectious Diseases / Viral Hepatitis Unit, CALHN

CALHN viral hepatitis nurses have developed innovative models of care to treat patients safely and efficiently in the community, particularly marginalised patients who are unlikely to access mainstream healthcare facilities. The service is delivered through education, diagnostic testing, community clinics, and links with prison health and other community services. As a result, the proportion of patients who started treatment in the community substantially increased from 2016 to 2018.

Finalist — Statewide Telerehabilitation Solutions

Under the auspices of CHSALHN

In the 2017/18 financial year, over 1,000 consumers across South Australia benefitted from unprecedented access to rehabilitation services in their own home thanks to the statewide expansion of telerehabilitation. Over 5,000 video calls were made to consumers using a fleet of SA Health iPads. This empowered consumers to be at the centre of their care; optimising collaboration with rehabilitation teams to work towards therapy goals, regardless of the consumer’s location.

Finalist Supporting Mental Health Consumers through Intensive Community Program

Mental Health Unit, CHSALHN

The Country Health SA (CHSA) Mental Health Intensive Community Program (ICP) was developed to address the gap in acute and community service system in keeping with the principle of treatment in the least restrictive environment as enshrined in the Mental Health Act 2009. The ICP has successfully proven to provide subacute, extended hours of service and accommodation as an effective alternative to hospitalisation.