Minister’s Innovation Award - SA Health Awards 2018

Winner  Allied Health Orthopaedic Substitution Clinic Program

Allied Health, Corporate and Outpatients Services, NALHN

NALHN has implemented a successful strategy for patients waiting to see an orthopaedic surgeon, which has reduced the waiting list. Fifty-five percent of NALHN patients waiting to see an orthopaedic surgeon were unlikely to require surgery. New clinics have been established for this patient cohort that are led by senior orthopaedic physiotherapists and senior orthopaedic podiatrists and occur at the same time as our clinics led by orthopaedic surgeons.

Finalist Advanced Recovery Room Care

Critical Care Services, CALHN

A new healthcare model, Advanced Recovery Room Care, was conceived and trialled at the RAH to improve postoperative care, the 5th highest cause of mortality in Australia. This was a collaborative partnership between Anaesthesia, Nursing and Surgery, with Medicine and Allied Health. There was an 80% reduction in major ward complications, 1.5 days/patient reduced hospital stay, reduced ICU use, and savings projected at $1000/patient. Quality and sustainability of healthcare are greatly improved.

Finalist  WCHN Toxinology Department / Clinical Toxinology: from SA to the World

Toxinology Department, WCHN

The WCH Toxinology Department has built a global reputation for expertise in clinical toxinology that positively impacts SA patients and patients globally, starting with:

  • innovative best practice care of SA patients with snakebite and related conditions
  • providing the only international-level training in clinical toxinology
  • attracting doctors from around the world to SA
  • the premier toxinology website
  • support to developing nations in the Australasian area
  • numerous education initiatives.