Draft Challenging Behaviour Strategic Framework

In September 2019, a Challenging Behaviour project was initiated to review the existing Challenging Behaviour Policy, Policy Guideline and tools and to develop and overarching framework document.

Data shows that 77 percent of challenging behaviour incidents involve consumers in 70-89 age range. Mental illness, dementia and delirium continue to be associated with increased risk of challenging behaviour incidents. We recognise that challenging behaviour continues to be a risk to the safety of our staff and our consumers.

The aim of developing the Challenging Behaviour Strategic Framework is to outline the multi-modal approach to preventing and managing the risk of challenging behaviour. It also identifies some priorities for Health.

The following draft documents are currently being consulted on:

Consultation for the SA Health Challenging Behaviour Strategic Framework, Policy Directive, Policy Guideline and Tools will close on Friday 28 February 2020.

Please provide any feedback to HealthWHCommunication@sa.gov.au.