Chief Psychiatrist’s Preliminary Report in response to the ICAC Recommendations

The Preliminary Report (PDF 941KB) outlines the progress so far, by the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist, the Community Visitor Scheme and Department for Health and Wellbeing collaborators, in responding to recommendations directed to the Principal Community Visitor, Chief Psychiatrist, Chief Executive and Minister.

The report describes the ICAC recommendations, work undertaken so far and yet to be done, and proposed actions to be taken, where possible.

The Chief Psychiatrist and collaborators are progressing work in response to the ICAC report and a number of recommendations have already been partly or fully actioned.

A final report is expected to be provided to the SA Health Chief Executive by 30 June 2019.

In addition to the Preliminary Report (PDF 941KB), the Chief Psychiatrist has released Appendices (PDF 3MB) with the detail of material considered and a Chief Psychiatrist Inspection Protocol (PDF 501KB) as a working draft for use and consultation across the sector. 

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