Research governance

Research governance is concerned with the quality, safety, privacy, risk management, financial management and ethical acceptability of research. 

The SA Health Research Governance Policy (PDF 111KB) outlines the research governance requirements that apply to researchers and institutions involved in the conduct and administration of health and medical research across SALHN.

Please note that SALHN governance can be reviewed concurrently with SAC HREC applications and this reduces the turnaround time between ethics and governance significantly.

The quality of the research application submitted to the Office for Research can influence the time it takes to reach approval or authorisation. The below guidance documents are aimed towards providing researchers with tools that will help them to submit their SALHN site specific applications to the Office for Research for review. We also suggest you review the SALHN Research and Patient Confidentiality Frequently Asked Questions.

If you require additional help with your application, the Office for Research runs a drop in session on Wednesday mornings between 9am – 11am at FMC Level 6, Room 6A219. We are also happy to discuss any concern you may have relating to new or ongoing research at any stage via or by phone on 8204 6453.

Once you have completed your ethics and/or governance application form (via online forms), please ensure you attach the appropriate cover sheet listed below with your submission documents.


Application Methods (PDF 205KB) 

Australian Centre for Excellence for Post-Traumatic Stress (ACEPTS) ethics and SSA authorisation process (PDF 145KB) 

Contact Details for Participant Information Sheet/Consent Form (PDF 139KB)

Indemnity Insurance for Researcher Projects/Clinical Trials

Monitoring and Reporting Guidelines for Research Applications (PDF 140KB)

Site Specific Assessment Completion Guidance (PDF 342KB)

Forms and templates

Confidentiality Deed non-SALHN employee (DOC 299KB)

Invoicing and Fee Form (DOC 303KB)  

Reduction or Waiver of Fees Request (DOC 415KB)  

Site Specific Assessment Template (DOC 97KB)