Reactivating the Repat

For information on the Repat Health Precinct drive-through COVID-19 collection centre go to the COVID-19 Clinics and Testing Centres page.

We are Reactivating the Repat and returning the site to a thriving health precinct:

  • Re-opened the hydrotherapy pool.
  • Secured 40 beds that are already operating – 20 beds currently in rehabilitation building (to be relocated to new 26 bed transition care facility) and 20 beds kept open in the VITA Precinct (originally planned for closure by the end of 2018).
  • Developing a 78 bed Dementia Care Home in partnership with HammondCare, including 2 x 9 bed Specialist Dementia Care Units and 4 x 15 bed cottages.
  • Redeveloping a ward to create an 18 bed Neurobehavioural Unit to care for people living with dementia, whose behavioural and psychological symptoms mean their needs can’t be met in mainstream residential care.
  • Redeveloping a 12 bed Specialist Advanced Dementia Unit (SADU) for people with dementia and complex care needs.
  • Building a 26 bed care transition facility for people with dementia and those transitioning to home or an aged care facility following acute care treatment.
  • Creating a purpose built 48-bed Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation facility
  • Establishing a Veterans' Wellbeing Centre and refurbishing the SPF Hall.
  • Developing a town square community hub and open outdoor flexible space in the heart of the Repat, including a new wheelchair training and sports gymnasium.
  • A new home for the Southern Older Persons Community Mental Health Service.
  • Building a new facility for Statewide Eating Disorder Services, including a residential facility.

We are also ensuring the Repat Chapel, Remembrance Gardens, Museum and SPF Hall will be protected and preserved as community assets for future generations.

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Latest news

10 August 2020 - Specialised Advanced Dementia Unit construction complete

16 July 2020 - Construction starts on Brain Injury Rehabilition and Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation facilities

14 May 2020 - Repat Phase 2 plans finalised

13 Feb 2020 - Ward 20 renovations commence to create a Specialist Advanced Dementia Unit

24 Jan 2020 - Constructions starts on 18 bed Neurobehavioural Unit

27 Nov 2019 - Extra $30 million announced for Repat Site

24 Nov 2019 - New 78 bed Dementia Care Facility

4 Oct 2019 - Construction starts on Repat upgrade

21 May 2019 - Older Persons’ Mental Health Service relocates to Repat

5 May 2019 - New home for eating disorder services at the Repat

27 Feb 2019 - State and Federal Government funding commitment announced

17 Feb 2019 - Repat concept master plan released

11 Dec 2018 - New beds available at the Repat

28 May 2018 - Repat hydrotherapy pool re-opened