COVID-19 Update 5 April 2020

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Two people in South Australia have today tested positive for COVID-19. There have now been a total of 409 confirmed cases in South Australia.

Today’s cases range in age from a person in their 40s through to a person in their 60s.

To date, 51 people have been confirmed cleared of COVID-19 however we expect this number to increase as our data is updated.

Nine people aged between 52 and 77-years-old are currently in hospital in the Intensive Care Unit, of which seven are in a critical condition and two are stable.

Investigations are ongoing into the cluster of cases identified at Adelaide Airport. Three additional cases have now been linked to close contacts of the baggage handlers, bringing the total cluster to 28.

Anyone who is sick with symptoms of COVID-19 and has been at the Adelaide Airport, including in the terminal or car park, since Tuesday 17 March should present for testing.

There are 85 cases linked to the Ruby Princess cruise ship, which is the biggest cluster in cases. There have been 120 cases in total linked to cruise ships.

SA Pathology has undertaken more than 32,000 tests for COVID-19 so far.

For more information the general public should call SA COVID-19 Information Line on 1800 253 787 or go to