Funded overseas travel

Travel, including overseas travel is an important part of SA Health’s business, allowing employees to participate in professional development opportunities including attending and presenting at leading edge conferences, seminars and workshops. Employees are supported through investment in training and development. SA Health is committed to the ongoing professional development of Medical Officers through the relevant industrial instruments.

Overseas travel allows the sharing of knowledge from one jurisdiction to another and is an opportunity for employees to advance SA Health’s priorities and benefit the South Australian public health system by improving services.

SA Health overseas travel practices are governed by the following South Australian Government standards and guidelines:

  • SA Health Overseas Travel Policy Directive.
  • Commissioner’s Determination 3.2 – Employment Conditions – Remuneration – Allowances and Reimbursements.
  • Code of Ethics for the South Australian Public Sector.

In all financial transactions, including those relating to travel, SA Health seeks financial prudence, transparency and accountability. To obtain the best deals for travel, SA Health utilises the Across Government Contract for the Provision of Travel Management Services.

SA Health is committed to providing accountable, timely and efficient information on overseas travel funded by the Department for Health and Wellbeing. The attached report summarises information relating to approved employee overseas travel funded by the Department for Health and Wellbeing. Total cost includes travel, accommodation, meals, conference fees etc.

For previous years overseas travel data please go to the Department’s annual reports found under Publications and Resources on this website.

Local Health Network and SA Ambulance Service employee overseas travel information can be found at the links below: