Policies, plans and standards guiding mental health services


South Australian mental health service planning is guided by the:

Policies and guidelines

SA Health has developed a number of Policy Directives and Policy Guidelines on mental health. These are:

South Australia’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy

South Australia’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy recognises that good mental health and wellbeing depends on a wide range of factors. 

A holistic, whole of community approach is essential to prevent and reduce the impacts of mental illness and help people who are experiencing mental illness achieve their recovery goals. 

As a result, the policy emphasises the importance of promoting and developing environments, relationships and services, which promote and sustain good mental health and facilitate the recovery journey for everyone who experiences mental illness. 

The development of this policy is based on an understanding that feeling positive about life and being able to deal with the challenges and difficulties we face is important to everyone in our community.

Suicide prevention

SA Health is in the process of developing a new South Australian Suicide Prevention Plan 2017-2021 (PDF 1MB) to supersede the existing strategy (PDF 920KB)

SA Health has been privileged to play a lead role in the development of the South Australian Suicide Prevention Strategy and works collaboratively with all government departments, the non-government sector, business and community groups to achieve the outcomes and objectives set out within.

Suicide prevention strategies provide vital support and tools for anyone in crisis and everyone involved.SA Health is committed to ensuring the provision of the best possible care to consumers, their families and carers. The South Australian Government’s investments in mental health, in conjunction with SA Health’s ongoing reform agenda, will continue to deliver accessible, responsive and accountable services throughout South Australia.