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Clinical practice guideline for preconception advice
  • Size: 761 KB
  • Updated: 15 Jul 2021
Medication guideline for the management of neonates requiring vitamin E
  • Size: 373 KB
  • Updated: 14 Jul 2021
Clinical practice guideline for the management of the woman with a delayed second stage of labour
  • Size: 827 KB
  • Updated: 4 Sep 2021
Caesarean section - antenatal preparation and postnatal care - elective caesarean sections should be planned to occur after 38 completed weeks
  • Size: 181 KB
  • Updated: 22 Aug 2021
Provides guidance in the implementation of a systematic and consistent approach in the safe management and handling of hazardous chemicals in the workplace.
  • Size: 498 KB
  • Updated: 4 Sep 2021
Lumbar disorder diagnostic imaging - clinical tool to guide decision making for diagnostic xrays and scans for patients with lumbar disorders
  • Size: 240 KB
  • Updated: 3 Mar 2022
Thrombophilia in pregnancy - state of hypercoagulability with decreasing anticoagulation, increasing coagulation is induced in pregnancy
  • Size: 258 KB
  • Updated: 15 Jul 2021
First Stage Labour and Birth in Water Clinical Directive - guidance for qualified practitioners, working in the South Australian public health system
  • Size: 1020 KB
  • Updated: 11 Jun 2021
Suicidal ideation and self harm - risk is significantly higher in depressed women during the perinatal period - second or leading cause of death
  • Size: 209 KB
  • Updated: 15 Jul 2021
Controlled Substances Licencing of First Aid Service Providers - Framework for assessing drug licence applications from first aid services providers
  • Size: 335 KB
  • Updated: 4 Sep 2021

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