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This widget displays topics that are related to the current search. Larger topics indicate that a significant amount of the search results are related to that topic. You can click any of the related topics to add that topic to your search. You can remove a topic by clicking the x next to it in the title bar of the search results. Any time that you change your search, by adding a refinement, related topic, or changing the query, a new list of related topics will be generated.



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About Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection: symptoms, treatment and control.
  • Size: 94.8 KB
  • Updated: 24 Jun 2022
Fish poisoning - ciguatera poisoning, scombroid/histamine poisoning, shellfish poisoning and rudderfish poisoning/Escolar diarrhoea
  • Size: 82.9 KB
  • Updated: 3 Apr 2022
Amoebic meningoencephalitis is a fatal infection of the brain caused by amoebae in shallow waters and poorly maintained swimming pools
  • Size: 89.8 KB
  • Updated: 2 Apr 2022
Anthrax is a potentially fatal but very rare disease in Australia and usually occurs in people who have close contact with animals or their products
  • Size: 91.4 KB
  • Updated: 2 Apr 2022
Fungal infections are superficial infections of the skin, hair or nails caused by a variety of fungi - includes ringworm, tinea, athlete’s foot
  • Size: 86.6 KB
  • Updated: 3 Apr 2022
Atypical mycobacteria are common in the environment and can occasionally cause disease in humans.
  • Size: 90.1 KB
  • Updated: 3 Apr 2022
Australian bat lyssavirus and rabies virus - potentially fatal diseases spread to humans through a bite or scratch from an infected animal
  • Size: 84.9 KB
  • Updated: 3 Apr 2022
Avian influenza
  • Size: 77.7 KB
  • Updated: 3 Apr 2022
Bacterial vaginosis is the result of a major change in the types and numbers of bacteria usually found in the vagina due to changes in acidity
  • Size: 90 KB
  • Updated: 2 Apr 2022
Balanitis is an inflammation of the glans (head) of the penis.
  • Size: 83.1 KB
  • Updated: 3 Apr 2022

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