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Version control and change history 
Version Date from Date to Amendment 
1.0 08/12/2008 30/09/2013 Original version 
1.1 14/11/2012 30/09/2013 Updated (minor) 
1.2 24/04/2014 current Updated (minor) 
  Department for Health and Ageing, Government of South Australia. All rights reserved. 

Policy Directive: compliance is 
Plasma Screen Policy Directive  
Policy developed by: Media and Communications Branch, Policy and Commissioning 
Approved at Portfolio Executive on: 8 December 2008 
Next review due: 30 April 2019  


Summary The SA Health Plasma Screen Policy Directive governs 
communications material that can be displayed on the plasma 
television screen in the foyer of the Citi Centre building. 

Keywords Plasma, video, television, TV advertisements, Plasma Screen 
Policy Directive 

Policy history Is this a new policy? N 
Does this policy amend or update an existing policy? Y 
Does this policy replace an existing policy? N 
If so, which policies? 

Applies to All SA Health Portfolio 

Staff impact All Staff 

PDS reference D0141 











Plasma Screen 
Policy Directive 


INFORMAL COPY WHEN PRINTED Plasma Screen Policy Directive  Page 2 of 5 

Document control information 

Document owner Director, Media and Communications Branch, Policy and Commissioning 


Manager, Marketing Communications, Media and Communications Branch 




Document location 

SA Health internet    policies page   

SA Health intranet   policies page   

SA Health Intranet - Business units &gt; Policy and Commissioning &gt; Media &amp; 
Communications &gt; Policies and standards 


Valid from 8 December 2008 

Review date April 2019 

Document history 

Date Author Version Change reference 

24/04/14 Senior Project Officer, Media and Communications Branch  V 1.2 Updated (minor) 

14/11/12 Communications Officer, Media and Communications Branch  V 1.1 Updated (minor) 
08/12/08 Director, Media and Communications  V 1 PE Approved version. 



Date Endorsed by 




Date Endorsed by 

08/12/08 Portfolio Executive 


INFORMAL COPY WHEN PRINTED Plasma Screen Policy Directive  Page 3 of 5 

Plasma Screen Policy Directive 

1. Objective 

The Department for Health and Ageing s Plasma Screen located in the foyer of the Citi 
Centre building aims to showcase key messages of SA Health and to communicate 
relevant information to the public where necessary. 

2. Scope 

The plasma is generally watched by members of the public or stakeholders of health that 
may be waiting for an appointment to see an employee. To ensure the agency is 
portrayed professionally there are guidelines that govern the type of content suitable for 
display and the format content should be supplied. 

Examples of suitable content include: 
  TV advertisements or promotional videos produced and/or licensed by SA Health. 
  Invitations for public consultation. 

Examples of unsuitable content include: 
  Internal notices or information for the workforce. These notices are best promoted 

through the internal  Check  notification system. 
  Video files or other content that SA Health is not licensed to display. 
  Content that is provided in an incorrect format (see below for correct format) 

3. Principles 


4. Detail 

Supply of content 

Content must be supplied in a suitable format that is compatible with the plasma screen 

Examples of suitable formats include: Video files such as (.wmv, .avi, mpg or .mpeg), or 
E-Posters, in the form of Microsoft Word, .PDF, .jpg or other image files. 

Examples of unacceptable or incompatible formats include; DVD video files and 
PowerPoint presentations. 

Please note, the content of these documents should be designed so they are consistent 
with the SA Health Corporate Identity Style Guide, where they are not exempt. 


There are no costs to display content on the plasma screen. However, there may be 
some costs associated with; 
  producing the content, 
  licensing or talent fees associated with campaign advertising, or  

INFORMAL COPY WHEN PRINTED Plasma Screen Policy Directive  Page 4 of 5 

  Re-creating the content in a compatible format, before content can be displayed on 
the plasma screen. 


The business unit or division will be responsible for the cost involved. 

Process to upload content 

1. Email the Department for Health and Ageing s (DHA) Media and Communications 
Branch at communications@health.sa.gov.au with a description or example of the 
content, as well as the proposed dates that you wish to display the content on the 
plasma screen.  

2. Please allow two weeks for the DHA Media and Communications Branch to review 
the content prior to screening on the plasma screen. 

3. The DHA Media and Communications Branch will review the proposed content to 
assess whether the material is appropriate and satisfies the purpose of the plasma 
screen, along with screening dates. 

4. If the material is approved, the DHA Media and Communications Branch will 
schedule the content to be displayed on the plasma screen for the approved timeline. 



Content will be displayed on the plasma screen according to the currency of the message, 
in addition to other scheduling demands on screen time.  

Business units submitting content are asked to propose the appropriate dates for which 
they wish the content to be scheduled and the DHA Media and Communications Branch 
will advise upload and download dates. 

5. Roles and Responsibilities 


6. Reporting 


7. EPAS 


8. Exemption 


9. Associated Policy Directives / Policy Guidelines  


10. References, Resources and Related 


INFORMAL COPY WHEN PRINTED Plasma Screen Policy Directive  Page 5 of 5 


11. Other  


12. National Safety and Quality Health Service 



13. Risk Management 


14. Evaluation 


15. Attachments 


16. Definitions 


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