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2023 Transition to Professional Practice Program (TPPP) for Registered 
Nurses (RNs) 

The Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN) provides care to more than 400,000 
people living in the northern metropolitan area of Adelaide as well as providing several state-
wide services, and services to those in regional areas. NALHN provides a range of primary 
health services across the northern metropolitan areas of Adelaide, and acute and sub-acute 
health services for people of all ages.  

NALHN comprises 

  Lyell McEwin Hospital (LMH)  

   Modbury Hospital (MH)  

  GP Plus Health Care Centres and Super Clinics 

  Mental Health Services  

  Aboriginal Health Services 

  Subacute Services  

NALHN works to ensure quality and timely delivery of health care across the northern 
metropolitan area of Adelaide, with a focus on providing preventative and health promoting 
programs in the community, and transition and hospital avoidance programs targeted at 
chronic disease and frail aged.  

NALHN is dedicated to delivering the highest quality teaching, research and community 
services and has a proud and strong tradition of providing excellent clinical care. NALHN is 
committed to providing equitable and accessible health care to all members of the community. 

NALHN is recognised as a leading teaching organisation for health care professionals. LMH 
and MH have collaborative relationships with the South Australian Universities. MH is affiliated 
with the University of Adelaide. LMH is affiliated to the University of Adelaide, University of 
South Australia and Flinders University. 


The 2023 NALHN Transition to Professional Practice Program for Registered Nurses will 
be offered at Lyell McEwin Hospital, Modbury Hospital and Forensic Mental Health. 

NALHN has a whole of Network approach to the delivery of the RN TPPP, program participants 
may be required to undertake placements at multiple sites within the network. 

The RN TPPP offered by NALHN is a 52-week program inclusive of the scheduled annual 
leave. Intakes for 2023 will commence early January 2023 through to April 2023.   


Program Details 

  Comprehensive Hospital and Unit orientation 

  Clinical supernumerary days 

  2 clinical rotations 

  Structured professional development program 

  Regular debrief sessions 

  Dedicated clinical support 

  Preceptorship and peer support 

  Full time and part time contracts are available (minimum hours 0.84 FTE / 8 days a 

  Salaries paid in accordance with the Nurses (SA Public Sector) Award 2002 and 
Nursing/Midwifery (SA Public Sector) Enterprise Agreement 2020 

  Annual leave will be accrued according to actual hours worked and is pre-programed. 
Six weeks leave will be taken within the contract period. 



Start dates 

Further information about intakes and commencement dates will be available during the on-line 
application process. 

Program Support 

The program employs a TPPP Nurse Educator to work across Northern Adelaide Local Health 
Network, designated Clinical Support Nurses at each Hospital for clinical teaching, guidance, 
and support to assist the transition process of each RN.  There is a strong focus on 
preceptorship and peer support throughout the TPPP. 

Program Aims 

The NALHN RN TPPP aims to facilitate a supportive environment that will enable the 
transitioning nurse to: 

1. Adapt to the role of a professionally practicing RN; 

2. Consolidate and further develop professional knowledge and skills relevant the role of 
a RN; 

3. Build confidence in clinical nursing practice whilst developing positive attributes and 
attitudes to work; 

4. Increase awareness and knowledge of the professional responsibilities and 
boundaries that apply to nursing practice; and 

5. Transition into the role of a registered nurse and progress from a  novice  to that of an 
 advanced beginner  or  competent , according to Benner s (1984) Novice to Expert 

Placement options 

RN TPPPs will be able to nominate preferences for their two clinical placements, however due 
to the limited number of specialty placements only one specialty rotation per participant may be 


Lyell McEwin Hospital Placement Options 

  Medical Division: General Medicine, Respiratory Medicine, Acute Medical Unit, 
Neurology/Stroke Medicine, Gastroenterology, Cardiac Care, Endocrinology, Renal, &amp; 
Cancer Centre  

  Surgical Specialties and Anaesthetics: General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Urology, 
Vascular, Beast / Endocrine, Colorectal, Upper Gastrointestinal, Short Stay Surgery, 
Operating Theatres, Anaesthetics &amp; Recovery 

  Critical Care: Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Department 

  Women and Children s: Paediatric Unit &amp; Special Care Nursery  

  Mental Health: Acute Adult Mental Health &amp; Older Person s Mental Health 


Modbury Hospital Placement Options 

  Medical Division:  Short Stay General Medical, General Medicine 

  Surgical Specialties and Anaesthetics: General Surgery, Short Stay Surgery, 
Operating Theatres &amp; Recovery 

  Aged Care, Rehabilitation and Palliative Care: Geriatric Evaluation Management 
Unit, Rehabilitation Unit &amp; Palliative Care Unit 

  Mental Health: Acute Adult Mental Health 

  Critical Care: Emergency Department 

  James Nash House 

  Forensic Mental Health 




Information Sessions 

The RN TPPP Nurse Educator will conduct information sessions at both Lyell McEwin and 
Modbury Hospitals. These sessions will be live streamed for those that cannot attend in 

This is a great opportunity to meet the RN TPPP team, clinical nursing staff and current 
TPPPs. You will be provided the opportunity to ask questions about the program and / or the 
application process.  We look forward to meeting you and sharing with you what the NALHN 
TPPP for Registered Nurses has to offer. 


Lyell McEwin Hospital 

Date and time:  Monday, 30 May 2022 - 15:15pm   16:15pm   

Venue:   Main Lecture Theatre, Main Building, Level 2 &amp; Live Video Stream 

Numbers may be restricted to meet social distancing guidelines, bookings are 


Modbury Hospital  

Date and time:  Friday, 10 June 2022 - 14:30pm   15:30pm                                                   

Venue:  Auditorium - Education Centre, Ground Floor &amp; Live Video Stream 

Numbers may be restricted to meet social distancing guidelines, bookings are 


To book to attend one of these sessions, or to register for the live stream, please email Andrea 
Sacharias (with your preferred email address, full name and University) at: 
Andrea.Sacharias@sa.gov.au. Those registered for the live stream will be emailed the link to 
join their session the morning of their scheduled session.  

For more information about the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network, click here. 


Comments from the 2021 RN TPPPs: 

   Thank you to the TPPP support team. Without your help and support I would not 
have become the nurse I am today, with the confidence and the abilities I have. When 
it feels like no one has time to care about you as an individual and your journey, TPPP 
team are able to be empathetic and give you the boost that you need to keep going   
RN TPPP participant 2022. 

   TPPP has been an amazing experience for me and I have recommended to my 
student RNs to apply for it as soon as they can. The support you are given through 
the TPPP is valuable. Thank you girls for your time   RN TPPP participant 2022. 

   I cannot thank the TPPP support team enough for all of the support and guidance 
that I have been given this year. It has been an incredibly hard year for myself with the 
TPPP and other life stressors and I definitely couldn t of gotten through the TPPP 
without them! Very lucky to have such a great support team for a super important year 

in my career ?  RN TPPP participant 2022. 

   Thank you very much for giving us so much support this year. I had a great year, 
enjoyed the study days (even the speed interviews strangely enough) and feel like I 
am a better nurse for the support you have given us :)  RN TPPP participant 2022. 


Please ensure you have read the Frequently Asked Questions and answers prior to contacting 
us.  If we haven't answered your questions, please submit it via email to