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SA Health, through Wellbeing SA, is looking to grow the number of South Australians able to 

receive hospital-level care in the comfort and privacy of their own home by creating  

My Home Hospital.   

What is My Home Hospital? 

Hospitals, particularly those in the metropolitan Adelaide area, are often operating at close to 
full capacity. The recent pressures created by COVID-19 have highlighted the need to have 
capacity in our hospitals. Research has shown that many patients could receive their hospital 
care in their own homes.  

My Home Hospital will deliver safe, high quality care in your own home or residential care 
facility as a substitute to going to hospital. The service will be available 24 hours a day,  
7 days a week across the metropolitan and peri-urban areas of Adelaide. Medical, nursing 
and allied health staff will visit you at home and will also use technology to monitor your care. 

Where will the staff in My Home Hospital come from? 

A tender process is currently underway to identify providers who are interested in delivering 
the services of My Home Hospital.  

The providers selected will need to demonstrate that they can provide high quality hospital 
care to people in their own homes. 

When will My Home Hospital start? 

My Home Hospital is expected to start in late 2020. 

How will I access My Home Hospital? 

To be eligible for My Home Hospital treatment, you will be required to meet certain criteria.  

Before the service starts, SA Health medical specialist teams will be working on care 
pathways and criteria that will help to determine who is safe to remain at home for treatment.  

When the service is operational, your doctor and/or treating medical team will offer you the 
option of My Home Hospital if you are eligible and it is appropriate to receive care in this way. 

Will I have to have my hospital care at home? 

No. Eligible patients will be offered their care at home, but have the option to be in hospital if 
they choose. 

Information for the Community 

Why would I want to receive care at home instead of in a hospital?  

If you are a patient in My Home Hospital, you will receive quality, hospital treatment in the 
comfort of your own home. This will allow: 

? reduced risk of hospital related adverse events such as falls, delirium and infections; 

? more time with family and pets, which can have a positive impact on your mental 
health and wellbeing; 

? comfort in being in your own familiar surroundings, your own bed and access to your 
usual food preferences; and 

? reduced costs associated with travelling to hospital and car parking fees for family 
and carers. 

What will services from My Home Hospital cost? 

My Home Hospital will be free to eligible patients.  

Can I be involved in the design of My Home Hospital? 

We will be working closely with members of the public on the design of My Home Hospital.  

There will be some small focus groups as well as opportunities for feedback via online 
methods. If you would like to be part of our feedback network, please email us at 

Further questions? 

If you have additional questions, please email the My Home Hospital Team at 

For more information 
Wellbeing SA 
Integrated Care Systems 




  Wellbeing SA, Government of South Australia. All rights reserved.