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Version Date from Date to Amendment 
1.0 September 2014 September 2016 Original 
2.0 October 2018 October 2021 Referral References Updated 



Southern Adelaide Local Health Network (SALHN) 

Description of Service 
The SALHN Allergy/Clinical Immunology (ACI) Service provides care to adults and transition care to children &gt; 16 
years with serious and complex allergic and immunologic disorders. The clinical assessment and management of 
patients is provided by a highly integrated, specialised multi-disciplinary team, consisting of medical staff, allergy 
nurses and dietitian. 

Services provided 
  Systematic Autoimmune Disease  
  Recurrent Angioedema (without urticaria) if C4 

reduced or &gt; 6 weeks duration. 
  Drug Allergy 
  Atopic Eczema  
  Allergic Rhinoconjunctivitis 
  Suspected  Primary Immunodeficiency  
  Complicated IgE mediated food allergy. 

Services not provided 
  Chronic cough 
  Insect Sting reaction without anaphylaxis 
  Allergic Rhinitis without trialled medical 

  Urticaria without trialled medical management  
  Atopic Eczema without trialled medical management 
  Contact Dermatitis 
  Ongoing PBS Authority prescriptions for Adrenaline 

Auto Injector (EpiPen). 
  Isolated Pruritus. 
  Elevated ANA in absence of clinically relevant 

  Chronic infections (Rickettsia) 
  Adverse non allergic drug reactions. 


For Appointments contact Immunology Registrar: 
 Flinders Medical Centre (FMC)  Ph: (08) 8204 5511 page the Immunology Registrar 



Triage Criteria for Referral 

Category 1  
Target &lt; 4 week 

Current  &lt; 6 weeks 

Category 2  
Target &lt; 6 months 
Current &lt; 2 years  

Category 3  
Target &lt; 12 

Current &lt; 2 years 

  Idiopathic Anaphylaxis 
  Anaphylaxis  without a management plan 
  Suspected Immune Deficiency 
  Urticarial vasculitis 
  Angioedema with airway threat. 
  Complicated IgE- mediated food allergy 

  Suspected  primary immunodeficiency  
  Multisystem autoimmune disease 

  Allergic Rhinoconjunctivitis with failed 
medical intervention. 

  Atopic Eczema  with failed medical 

  Recurrent angioedema  
  Urticaria &gt; 6 weeks duration 
  Drug allergy 
  Systemic Autoimmune disease 
  Nasal Polyps 
  Uncomplicated IgE-mediated  food allergy. 

  Review of previous 
anaphylaxis with 
management plan. 

  Review of existing 
food/drug allergy. 



General Information to assist with referrals and the and Referral templates for FMC are available to download from the SALHN 
Outpatient Services website www.sahealth.sa.gov.au/SALHNoutpatients