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ways to support people working from home5
1 Maintain regular contact

2 Support them to structure their day

3 Check on the health of your staff &amp; their family

4 Help your staff to overcome setbacks

5 Be patient, kind &amp; understanding

  Whether it s via phone, email or videoconferencing, you can still support your team and 
ensure that they know you care about their wellbeing.

  It s important that people are clear on their work tasks and have access to accurate, reliable 
and up-to-date information.

  Personalise conversations rather than getting straight down to business. Being sincere and 
authentic is important.

  Encourage your staff to set up a dedicated, safe and ergonomic work space.
  Support them to allocate specific work hours and regular breaks.
  Do your best to be flexible and responsive.
Your staff may be facing family, home schooling, health and other stresses that interrupt their 
working day.

  You may wish to ask:
   How would I know if you were concerned or needed help?
   If I felt that something was wrong, what s the best way to approach you? 

  Acknowledge that it is normal to feel worried, overwhelmed or to have difficulty 
concentrating during these challenging times.

  Inform workers about their entitlements and encourage them to discuss their needs, 
including caring responsibilities.

  If you notice someone behaving differently, initiate a supportive conversation:
   You don t seem yourself, is everything OK? 
   I noticed that .(observations of signs, changes) .

  Stop and listen without judgement. Remember you don t need to  fix  things.
  Be aware of the different sources of information and support available should someone need it:

  Their Workplace Employee Assistance Program
  COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line 1800 632 753
  Lived Experience Telephone Support Service 1800 013 755
  Lifeline 13 11 14 or lifeline.org.au
  Beyond Blue 1300 224 636 or beyondblue.org.au

  We re all still adjusting to this new situation, remind your team members to be kind to 
themselves and to each other.

  Expect setbacks during these challenging times as people adjust to their new work situation.
  Remind your staff that they re playing an extremely important role in reducing the spread of 

COVID-19 within the community.