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Northern Adelaide Local Health Network 

SA Intellectual Disability 
Health Service (SAIDHS): 
service information 


SAIDHS is in Ingle Farm. This 

is 30 minutes from the City. 


SAIDHS is wheelchair accessible. 


SAIDHS is in a quiet area. 

The SA Intellectual Disability Health 

Service (SAIDHS) is a place for people 

with an intellectual disability or complex 

needs to go for medical support. 


SAIDHS gets money from SA Health. 


SAIDHS is for people in South Australia. 




Some words are written in bold. We 

write what that words means. 


There is a lot of information in this 

book. It is a good idea to read it with 

family, a friend or support person. 



Who can go to SAIDHS? 

                                 SAIDHS sees adults with an 

intellectual or developmental disability. 

They must have complex needs. 

Complex means having a lot of 

different support needs. 


This can be because of 

  Mental illness 

  Autism Spectrum Disorder 

  Communication difficulties 

  Behavioural support needs 

  Other disabilities or health 


  Other things that make it hard to 

use services. 



What SAIDHS does 

Clinical assessment and 

consultation services. 


Clinical assessment is when someone 

asks questions to find out about your 

ability and needs. 

They use this information to make a 



Consultation is when someone gets 

information from you to find out what 

you need. 




         SAIDHS does 

In an assessment and consultation we 



  Look at how other services in the 

community could support you 


  work with you and your current 

service providers and carers to 

make a plan 


  Give follow up support if it is 

needed. Follow up means 

checking with you to see how you 

are going 


The assessment will be at Ingle 

Farm. If you cannot get to SAIDHS 

someone might be able to visit you in 

your home 




         SAIDHS does 

Telephone support and advice 

Advice is when someone gives you 

ideas to help a problem or worry. 

  When they can, SAIDHS workers 

can give you some support and 


  This can be about health or your 


  You can ring SAIDHS to 

ask questions 




What SAIDHS does not do 


  Emergency or crisis services 


  IQ assessments 


  Case management 


  Ongoing medical or psychiatric 

management. This means they 

can only see a patient for a short 

time, they cannot see them 




Getting a referral 

SAIDHS is a referral service. 

A referral is when your doctor writes a 

letter to SAIDHS saying you need to 

be seen there. 

A referral letter from your doctor will 

have your 

  Medical history. Medical history 

is anything that has happened to 

your health in your life 

  Treatments. Treatments is any 

medical care that you get. This 

can be medication or 



Your doctor will send the letter to 

SAIDHS. SAIDHS might talk to you, 

your family, carer, support person or 

doctor to ask some questions. 


SAIDHS will tell you if you are able 

to go there or not after 1 month of 

getting your referral letter. 





A self-referral means you call and ask 

for an appointment to see a doctor 


You can refer yourself to SAIDHS if 

you do not have a regular doctor. 


SAIDHS has a specialist 

doctor for self-referral 



To refer yourself you will need to ring 

up to make an appointment with the 

specialist doctor. 



What happens at SAIDHS 

                                     Your first assessment consultation will 

take 1 - 2 hours. 

It is a good idea to take a support 

person. This person should be 


  you know well 

  you feel comfortable with 


A full medical and psychiatric history 

will be done. They will ask you a lot of 

questions. They might do a physical 

check of your body. 


A full report will be sent to your doctor. 

A report is something with everything 

written down that was seen, heard or 

done during the appointment. 

SAIDHS might refer you to a different 

place with different doctors who 

specialise in other areas. Specialise is 

when a doctor knows a lot about one 




SAIDHS enquiries or appointments 


Enquiries is when you have questions 

or want more information. 


Appointments is when you make a 

time to meet with someone. 


To enquire or book an appointment at 

SAIDHS you can 




SAIDHS is open Monday to Friday from 

8:30am to 4:30pm 

Phone: 08 8257 7300 

Fax: 08 8257 7399 


HealthSAIDHS@sa.gov.au  confirm email 



Getting to SAIDHS 




SAIDHS has accessible 

parking in the carpark in 

front of the centre. 


When you get there go up the 

steps or ramp at the front 

entrance to the Recreation 



Turn left straight away to find 





Ingle Farm Recreation Centre 

1/58  Beovich Road 

Ingle Farm SA 5098 



More information 

If you want more information you can 

go to 

  SA Intellectual Disability Health 

  Aged Care, Rehabilitation and 

Palliative Care Division 

  Northern Adelaide Local Health 



Phone: 08 8257 7300 


Website: www.sahealth.sa.gov.au 


The South Australian Council on 
Intellectual Disability (SACID) 
made this Easy Read book in