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Managing COVID-19 in our regional 
Location: Zoom 
Time: 3:00   4:00pm 

Date Topic Presenter 
30 Nov 2021 COVID-19 Patient Management / Learnings 

from Victoria. 
Dr David Griffin, Infectious Diseases 
Physician, COVID-19 Clinical Service Lead, 
Alfred Hospital 

2 Dec 2021 Respiratory Precautions / Personal 
Protective Equipment. 

Rebecca Newton-McLean 
Acting Nursing Manager, Infection Prevention 
and Control, Rural Support Service 

9 Dec 2021 Tom s Court Medi-Hotel / virtual walk 
around / lessons learnt / identifying and 
managing deterioration in COVID positive 

Monique Anninos, Advanced Nursing Program 
Nikki Clarke, Advanced Nurse Unit Manager, 
Tom s Court 

16 Dec 2021 Monitoring of COVID-19 at home. Rosy Tirimacco, iCCnet 

18 Jan 2022 Caring for a COVID-19 positive patient. A 
doctor s perspective. 

Dr Lauren Fielke, COVID Inpatient Medical 
Lead, General Medicine Consultant, CALHN 

2 Feb 2022 COVID-19 Current treatments. 

Caitlin Wallace, Senior Pharmacist (Infectious 
Diseases) CALHN 

17 Feb 2022 COVID-19 Airway clearance / positioning 
for optimal function.  

Annie Paras, Clinical Senior Physiotherapist, 

22 Feb 2022 

Managing COVID-19. Dr Anand Rose, Director, Respiratory &amp; Sleep 
Services, SALHN 

1 Mar 2022 

Long COVID illness / deconditioning &amp; 
fatigue management / rehabilitation.  

Nick Martin, Physiotherapist, Pulmonary 
Rehabilitation &amp; Palliative Care, SALHN 

16 Mar 2022 COVID-19 Palliative Care. Dr Peter Allcroft, Palliative Care Consultant, 

31 Mar 2022 Addressing psychosocial issues caused by 
the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Christene Eleftheriadis, Clinical Senior Social 
Worker, RMCLHN. 


To attend the sessions  Register via Trybookings 

using Google Chrome or scan the QR code*  

All sessions will be recorded and made available on 
the Respiratory Masterclass Series | SA Health  page. 

For more information, please email Nicole Dawes,  
Senior Project Officer   Clinical Services,  

Rural Support Service nicole.dawes@sa.gov.au  

Hosted by Alanna Grover  
Advanced Clinical Lead Physiotherapist, 
Allied Health Consultant, 
Rural Support Service. 

No Cost to Attend 
Relevant for all Medical, Nursing and 
Allied Health Professionals and 
Healthcare Workers, GPs, Practice 
Nurses and Aged Care Professionals.