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List Pages

A list page is an index of a type of item. Each list page lists all the items of the specified type that are visible to you.

Following and Unfollowing

If hovercards are enabled in your application, hover over an item to view hovercards, where you can follow or unfollow items.

If hovercards are not enabled in your application, you can follow and unfollow items from item pages.

If workspaces are enabled in your application, when you create a workspace, you automatically follow it. You can unfollow the workspace from the workspace page.


List pages can sort by columns. If sorting is available for a column, a triangle is displayed next to the column title. To sort the list by a sortable column, click the title of the column. If more than one column in a list allows sorting, you can sort by two or more columns. To sort by two or more columns, after clicking the first column you want to sort by, press Shift and click the next column you want to sort by, and so on. If your list contains multiple pages of entries, your sort selection is saved across table pages.

What is a widget?

A widget is a part of the Watson Explorer application code that delivers content in a page to you based on the settings for that widget.

Each page visited in the Watson Explorer application is a collection of data that is specific to the subject of that page. Different types of information is delivered to you depending on what the subject of the page is. For example on your home page the subject is you, so all the information displayed are items that are relevant to you. On an item page the subject is the specific item, only information relating to that item is displayed.

You can find an item by typing its name in the search box or by using the list page links at the top of the page.

You can follow an item by navigating to its page and clicking the button. If hovercards are enabled in your application, you can hover over an item's name on a list page and click the Follow button in the hovercard.

You are automatically logged out of the Watson Explorer application when you close your browser session.

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