Resources to assist with Regional Public Health Plans

SA Health and the SA Health funded LGA Public Health Program provide support to Councils with the implementation of their Regional Public Health Plans.

The following resources are available for Councils to use:

Resource directory

The Regional Public Health Planning Resource for Councils (PDF 2074KB)assists with the implementation of Regional Public Health Plans by providing information about a wide range of grant funding opportunities, programs, policies and guidelines that can be used by Councils directly, or in collaboration with partners to initiate new activities.The Directory will be updated again in early 2018.

Creating Healthier Local Food Environments – A Guide for Local Government

Creating Healthier Local Food Environments provides guidance to Councils and describes achievable actions that can be put in place to improve the healthy food environment.The resource includes checklist tools and case study examples.

Making Every Contact Count

Making Every Contact Count is about recognising opportunities to talk to older people about their health and wellbeing using the skills of asking and listening, providing locally relevant information.

Get Healthy

Get Healthy is a free, confidential telephone based coaching service that helps adults make lifestyle changes in relation to healthy eating, being physically active and achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.


Monthly communiqués from the Local Government Relations & Policy Team provide Councils with the latest news and information.

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Further information

For further information about any of these resources, please contact the Local Government Relations and Policy Team on:

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