Incident management system during major incidents

The SA Health Incident Management System works with the South Australian Disaster Management System to centrally coordinate and manage the health response to a major incident. The following resources may be employed in the response:

The State Control Centre - Health

The State Control Centre - Health (SCC-H) is located in the Citi Centre building on Hindmarsh Square, and will be activated if a situation impacts on the capability of SA Health resources at a regional, state or national level. If an incident requires resources exceeding normal day-to-day capabilities, the State Controller Health will advise the State Emergency Management Committee.

The State Emergency Centre

The State Emergency Centre (SEC) coordinates the response to an incident that is beyond the capability of day-to-day resources. The SEC brings together all required functional services in the one location during an incident to enable efficient communication between services. When the SEC is activated, SA Health will provide representation. This may include a Functional Service Liaison Officer (FSLO) to assist with information exchange between Health and other agencies.

Health Field Medical Teams

The Health Field Medical Teams provide appropriate support to the control agency. Teams will usually be provided by MedSTAR. The State Controller for Health will coordinate the surge capabilities centrally, with hospitals expected to activate their own disaster plans.

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