Disaster Arrangements

How do we define a disaster?

A disaster is a serious disruption within a community which threatens or causes death or injury in that community and damage to property which is beyond the day-to-day capacity of the community authorities.Disasters require special mobilisation and organisation of resources other than those normally available.

A disaster can result in:

  • loss of human life, or illness or injury to humans
  • widespread or severe property loss or damage
  • widespread or severe damage to the environment.

SA Health has obligations under the Emergency Management Act 2004 and a range of national, state and local plans and protocols for strategic planning, preparedness and response to disasters.

Planning to be prepared

The South Australian State Emergency Management Plan (SEMP) sets the framework for the management of disasters by supporting systems and processes that form a coordinated approach to disaster management. This involves the following principles:

SA Health can utilise both a State Control Centre – Health and State Emergency Centre in its response to a major incident or disaster that is beyond day-to-day capabilities.

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