Protecting public health

  • An adult and two children patting a goat

    Animal contact - reducing the risk of illness

    Identifies potential risks of getting a zoonotic disease and recommends measures to reduce the risk of illness for people in contact with animals

  • Legionella regulations and guidelines

    The South Australian Legionella regulations and guidelines aim to reduce the risk of community and healthcare acquired Legionnaires’ disease

  • State Public Health Plan

    The State Public Health Plan will be used across State Government and by Local Councils to take action to protect and improve the health of South Australians over the next 5 years

  • Public swimming pools and spa pools

    Keep the pool clean, swimmers. Help keep our public pools clean and safe

  • Bat flying against blue sky

    Bats and staying safe around them

    You are urged not to touch or handle bats. If you come into contact, start first aid measures immediately and seek urgent medical attention to protect against serious diseases associated with bats